Candy d'Sa

The consultation process is as follows:

Step 1: Veterinary referral

I work on veterinary referral only. This gives you peace of mind that I have been approved and recommended by your veterinary surgeon, based on my experience and qualifications. It is also important that I am made aware of any relevant medical history concerning your pet.

Therefore: EITHER give me your vet's details when you book your consultation and I will contact them prior to your appointment, OR your vet may prefer to contact me directly to refer your pet.

Step 2: Booking a consultation

Contact me to discuss your pet's problems and book a consultation. Once your consultation has been booked, you will receive confirmation by email and a brief history form for you to complete online, prior to the consultation.

Step 3: The consultation

Behavioural consultations are held at your home. The initial consultation lasts approximately two to two and a half hours.

During the consultation I aim to conduct a thorough assessment of your pet's behaviour, and observe his or her interactions with you, other family members and where necessary, other animals, and we will go out for a walk where relevant. I then devise a behavioural modification programme for you to follow.

Step 4: Follow-up

Following the first consultation I will send you a full written report within two weeks, outlining the behavioural modification programme. A copy is sent to the referring veterinary surgeon. Further support is provided when required by phone or email at no extra charge.

Approximately three months after the initial consultation I will carry out a follow-up consultation lasting one hour, to assess progress and address any further concerns you may be having. I will book the date of the follow-up consultation with you once I have sent you my written report.


I can offer consultations outside of these times in exceptional circumstances only.